50 Essential Men’s Health & Wellness Sites

One of the areas that many feel warrants a little more attention is men’s health and wellness. This is especially true since many men are reluctant to seek medical help — even for a regular physical or preventative visits. As a result, it is extremely important that men have access to information about remaining healthy. The Internet offers a number of resources aimed at men’s health and wellness. Here are 50 essential sites that can help men keep up with their health:

General Information

2497227094_779d9e2562Find general information on health issues faced by men, as well as suggestions for improving health and wellness.

  1. Womenshealth.gov: It may seem a little odd to go looking for men’s health information on a site geared toward women, but the government offers health information on wellness in a variety of categories of men’s health.
  2. WebMD: One of the premier names in reliable health information, WebMD also has a section devoted entirely to men’s health.
  3. Medicine.Net: This is another well-known health and wellness site. And it, too, has an entire section devoted to health issues faced by men.
  4. Medline Plus: This is a government site offered through the National Institutes for Health. As you might expect, the “Men’s Health” section addresses wellness issues of concern to men.
  5. Men’s Health Center: This section of HealthSquare.com focuses on health issues and concerns related to men.
  6. About.com: Get good information on men’s health and wellness from a knowledgeable guide.
  7. Men’s Health: This site is the official homepage for Men’s Health magazine.
  8. Natural Nurse: This site offers information about living a health lifestyle the natural way, and includes information on men’s wellness.
  9. Manifest: This is a Portland, Oregon community focused on helping improve men’s wellness. Helpful information and articles for those who do not live in the Portland area.
  10. Details for Men: This popular men’s magazine includes a section on wellness at its online home.

Sexual Health

One of the biggest issues for many men is sexual health. You can get a handle on your sexual health issues with help from these sites:

  1. AOL Health: This site offers information on sexual health and how to maintain it.
  2. HealthCentral.com: Get a look at men’s sexual health information and issues in a practical, real-world way.
  3. Men’s Sex Health: Learn about different issues related to male sexuality and health.
  4. MSN Health & Fitness: There is a section on men’s sexual health, with articles addressing issues such as libido and safe sex.
  5. Healthy Aging: This section on healthy aging from the Mayo Clinic’s web site looks at men’s sexual health above the age of 50.
  6. Health.com: Offers a look at sexual dysfunction in men and how it can be treated.
  7. HealthInsite: This site from the government of Australia offers some helpful information and resources for men’s sexual health.
  8. Intellihealth: Get good information on midlife sexuality from this site that focuses on intelligent health decisions.

Mental Health

One very real issue that is difficult for many men to deal with is mental health. Here are some web sites that can help with mental health for men.

  1. About.com: There is a specific section in the Mental Health section at About.com that focuses on mental health issues of import to males.
  2. AskMen.com: Great information on mental health for men, and resources for increased wellness.
  3. American Psychological Association: The web site for the APA publication Monitor on Psychology offers some insight into men’s mental health needs.
  4. National Institutes of Health: There is a series on depression in men that can be of benefit in terms of overall wellness.
  5. Medical News Today: Offers an interesting look at the men’s mental health crisis.
  6. MentalHelp.net: This web site can provide a number of helpful resources for anyone — including men — who are looking for mental health help.
  7. NAMI: The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers information and resources on mental health in general, and includes specific information on men’s mental health.
  8. WHO: The World Health Organization has some solid information about general mental health, including men’s mental health issues.


Physical fitness and wellness is essential to successful health. Here are some web sites that can help you improve your fitness level.

  1. EveryJoe: This men’s web site has a specific section on health, which deals mainly with fitness, exercise and weight loss.
  2. Men’s Fitness: The online home of Men’s Fitness magazine provides a great deal of helpful information on working out and staying physically fit.
  3. Fitness Online: Get practical, helpful hints on weight loss and health workout routines.
  4. Suite 101: Find a number of great exercises for men over the age of 50.
  5. Men’s Total Fitness: Get reviews on exercise equipment, and learn about the basics of exercise and nutrition.
  6. Bullz-Eye.com: The Fitness Channel at Bullz-Eye.com provides helpful information on exercise to help you work out more effectively.
  7. Health & Fitness Tips: Get basic information on tips that can help you maintain better physical fitness.
  8. LifeTips: These exercise tips form LifeTips.com can help you learn to exercise more effectively, and learn how your body functions during a workout.


Making sure that your body gets proper nutrition is an essential part of health and wellness. Here are some web sites that focus on men’s nutrition:

  1. Personal Nutrition Guide: Includes a section on how men think about nutrition, and how men can improve how they think about their diet.
  2. Discovery Health: There is a special section on Discovery Health where men’s nutrition questions are answered.
  3. Brown University: Find information and resources about diet and nutrition as they relate to men.
  4. NAFWA: The Nutrition and Food Web Archive offers a handy place to find some helpful information about men’s nutrition.
  5. HAP.org: Nutrition information for men, including a handy chart with serving sizes and food suggestions for a healthy diet.
  6. Reader’s Digest: You can find some great information on “super foods” for men here, as well as get other general information on men’s health.
  7. Squidoo: A whole section is available on men’s nutrition tips and hints.
  8. Young Men’s Health: This web site, as you might surmise, is aimed at helping young men develop healthy nutrition and fitness habits.

Senior Health

Aging can be difficult, even for men. Bodies change, and different health and wellness needs emerge. Here are some sites that can help you with aging concerns:

  1. National Institutes of Health: The NIH offers great information on remaining healthy while aging.
  2. C-Health: This web site offers a number of helpful articles on the basics of remaining healthy and maintaining wellness as you age.
  3. Eons: This is an online community for those over 50 who are looking to connect with others, as well as find information on aging and maintaining wellness while doing so.
  4. AFAR: This site helps you understand the challenges of aging, and how to reduce them.
  5. Fit-Senior.com: Get fitness information and exercise ideas for exercising over the age 50.
  6. Men’s Journal: This offers helpful information on a number of topics related to men, including health and aging.
  7. American Health Assistance Foundation: Learn about common diseases that are likely with aging, and how to combat them and take control of your health.
  8. AgeNet: A helpful resource for those who are interested in learning more about aging and doing so with a healthy lifestyle.
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