25 Helpful Q&A Sites About Nurse Anesthetists

Nursing, as a career field, is growing. All types of nurses are in demand. You can really capitalize on the need for nurses, though, by specializing. As you consider your nursing career, you might want to look into becoming a nurse anesthetist.

Nurse anesthetists specialize in delivering the anesthesia needed to dull pain or put a patient to sleep. Not just anyone can be a nurse anesthetist, though. You need to have a graduate level education, and be specifically trained and board certified in anesthesia. However, if you can achieve these requirements, you could be on your way to a competitive salary as a nurse, and a fulfilling line of work.

If you are interested in learning more about the nurse anesthetist career, here are 25 great Q&A sites that can provide you with good information and insight:

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20 Exciting Career Paths With a Masters in Nursing

If in the search for a master’s in nursing, students can come across many questions such as how long will it take and which states have the most job demands? However, those wondering what happens when the degree is earned may be surprised to learn of all the career options available to them as well.

For those who think that the only option is to work for a hospital, doctor, or nursing home, they are selling themselves short. Although many jobs in nursing can take that path, there is far more to a future in nursing than the usual nurses we see and hear about. To prove it, we have listed 20 exciting career paths with a master’s in nursing below. Some of them are far outside the box-of-nursing and can even pay past the six-figure mark.

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40 Informative Forums on Community Health and Community Health Nursing

If you want to become a community health nurse, you’re in luck — you can work in government and private agencies, clinics, and other private settings, including online community venues. You can work with individuals, families, groups, community leaders, teachers, parents, and physicians in community health education to help improve the overall health of a community — and, depending upon your health interests, you can choose to educate those communities about health disease prevention, nutrition and childcare as an option in your nursing career. The following list of 40 informative forums on community health and community health nursing can provide you with clues on how communities, both online and on the ground, care about the health of their neighborhoods. Continue reading

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40 Awesome Android Apps for Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers who want to break the iPhone mold and purchase an Android now have access to plenty of apps that can help pass exams, work efficiently and to use for reference. In fact, entire libraries filled with medical, nursing and health care apps exist today. The following 40 Android apps prove can validate that assertion, and each app can lead to even more discoveries. Continue reading

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Top 50 Medical Device & Gadget Blogs

Technology is developing at a fantastic rate. As a result, we are seeing new devices to help make things easier in the medical field. Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals can make use of these gadgets to help them do their jobs better. Indeed, technology has made it possible for health care professionals to diagnose and treat diseases with greater accuracy and comfort. If you are looking to stay on the cutting edge of medical device technology, here are 50 of the top blogs you can follow:

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Top 20 Most Influential People In The Nursing Field

This is the 2010 Year of the Nurse, and our list of the top 20 most influential people in the nursing field include two historic figures, a graduate student and others — all influential in their advocacy for patients and for fellow nurses around the world. This is just a handful of the many influential nurse in political, work and teaching roles, listed alphabetically by surname. Continue reading

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Top 50 Nursing Jobs Sites Worth Bookmarking

If your career goal is a job in nursing, you may want to check out the job possibilities in a nation where nursing shortages are normal. No matter if you’re just starting in the field, or if you’re going after your masters in nursing, you want to look forward to a job in an environment that you can enjoy. From large job sites to nurse-specific sites and recruiters, the following list of the top 50 nursing jobs sites are worth bookmarking for your future. Continue reading

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25 Facebook Apps That Can Improve Your Health

Your health and wellbeing should be important to you. Health care professionals can help keep you on the right track, but it is also possible for you to take charge of your own health using current technology and the Internet. Indeed, you don’t need to be a nurse or a doctor to find good information about how to take better care of yourself. All you need is Facebook. Here are 25 Facebook apps that can help you improve your health. Continue reading

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25 Incredible Infographics About Smoking, Public Health, and the Human Body

When thinking of public health issues, one of the items that comes up with increasing frequency is smoking. You don’t have to be a nurse, doctor or other health care professional to know that smoking is bad for your health. However, it is still a widespread practice, due to the addictiveness of smoking, and the pleasure and social status it provides in some cases. No matter your salary, or worldly influence, though, smoking will likely catch up with your health. And, even if you manage to escape the effects, you might affect others’ health with your smoking habit through secondhand smoke. Here are links to 25 infographics about smoking, public heath and the human body:

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The Ultimate Guide to Health Insurance Theft- A Growing Problem

A hospital in Springfield, Missouri, saw nine instances of identity theft over the past twelve months and states this number is rising. The problem of identity theft is horrific enough; but, when individuals begin to use your identification for health reasons, it could damage your credit and your physical safety. Once your blood type, allergy records and even gender has changed on your records, it is difficult to fix that damage. What can you do to protect yourself against this growing problem? Continue reading

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