25 Helpful Q&A Sites About Nurse Anesthetists

Nursing, as a career field, is growing. All types of nurses are in demand. You can really capitalize on the need for nurses, though, by specializing. As you consider your nursing career, you might want to look into becoming a nurse anesthetist.

Nurse anesthetists specialize in delivering the anesthesia needed to dull pain or put a patient to sleep. Not just anyone can be a nurse anesthetist, though. You need to have a graduate level education, and be specifically trained and board certified in anesthesia. However, if you can achieve these requirements, you could be on your way to a competitive salary as a nurse, and a fulfilling line of work.

If you are interested in learning more about the nurse anesthetist career, here are 25 great Q&A sites that can provide you with good information and insight:

  1. American Association of Nurse Anesthetists: This is the first place to stop when learning more about nurse anesthetists. This is the professional organization that represents 92% of the certified nurse anesthetists. A great resource for learning more, and having your career questions answered.
  2. Nurse Anesthesia Career Overview: The Mayo Clinic has a great, helpful resource on the basics of this specialty nursing career. Find out about career outlook and salary possibilities.
  3. Nurse Anesthesia: A great place to go when you have questions about nurse anesthetists. You can sign up for the forums and have your questions answered by professionals, as well as share your own insight and knowledge.
  4. International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists: If you are looking for answers to questions about international nursing, this is an excellent resource. Connect with other nurse anesthetists, and find answers to FAQs.
  5. California Association of Nurse Anesthetists: You can learn more about specialty nursing in anesthesia with the help of this professional organization’s web site. Provides a great look at different aspects of nursing, and anesthesia nursing.
  6. Nurse Anesthetist: Read this blog for answers to most of your questions about being a CRNA. You can find out about the latest developments, re-certification and more.
  7. Nurse Anesthetist: This career overview from Explore Health Careers offers a great inside look at what it takes in this field. Learn about the academic requirements, and have your questions about salary and more answered.
  8. CRNA Career Profile: If you want to be a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, this great career profile can answer your questions. Learn more about what to expect, educational attainments required, and information about duties.
  9. CRNA Career and Resource Center: Get your answers to questions about becoming a nurse anesthetist. A helpful
  10. Career Occupational Profile for: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA): Use this web site to have your career questions answered about being a CRNA. It’s a great resource for you to learn more about nursing.
  11. CRNA Salaries: Do you have questions about what a nurse anesthetist makes? You can visit this web site to have your questions answered. Also includes answers to questions about other jobs in anesthesiology, and tips for job interviews and networking.
  12. Nurse Anesthetist Career Profile: Before you decide what to do, check out this web site for answers to questions about becoming a CRNA. A good choice for more information.
  13. From RN to CRNA: Minority Nurse offers this great feature article. It’s a great overview of how to progress on to CRNA after becoming a RN. It answers a lot of questions about the career field.
  14. CRNA Diaries: This blog offers insights into becoming a CRNA. Answers questions, and provides real-world insight into what it’s like being a student.
  15. Nurse Anesthetist: Answers to FAQs can be found on this site. It goes over what education you need, what a CRNA does for duties, and salary information. A great resource for information about nursing anesthesia.
  16. CRNA Salary: This web site is a great resource for answering questions about salary. You can have your questions about salary, based on state, answered. An interesting resource.
  17. Specialty Spotlight: Are You Up for the Nurse Anesthetist Profession?: In this great profile, a CRNA answers questions about the nursing anesthesia profession. You can find out more about what it takes, and have your questions about the daily routine answered. Great information from NurseZone.
  18. Nurse Anesthetist: Learn more about the jobs of a CRNA, as well as find out about the career outlook and more. Solid information about what to expect.
  19. Nurse Anesthetist’s Blog: Get an overview of this nursing specialty, and have your questions about CRNA schooling answered. You can learn more about what happens during the process to become a nurse anesthetist, and get a better idea of how to improve your skills.
  20. Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice: Answers to FAQs about becoming a DNAP. A great resource that can help you learn more about what DNAPs do, as well as what needs to be done to get to that point.
  21. Nurse Anesthetist: If you are interested in a military health care, you can become a CRNA and work in a military service branch. This overview from the Air Force offers great insight and information that can help you further your CRNA career, whether with the military or not.
  22. NBCRNA: The National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists offers this great web site full of answers. You can look at the necessary certification requirements, as well as learn what you need to do to be more effective as a CRNA.
  23. Nurse Anesthetist: If you are interested in more in-depth information about CRNAs, this can be a great resource. The Encyclopedia of Nursing & Allied Health can provide you with answers to your questions about specialty nursing in the area of anesthesia.
  24. New England Assembly of Nurse Anesthetists: Another professional organization web site that provides great information about the job profession as a CRNA. Have your questions answered, and learn more about different opportunities in the field.
  25. CRNA Career Guide: Provides FAQs and answers about becoming a nurse anesthetist, as well as helpful articles and other informational resources. Learn more about the profession, educational requirements, and more from this web site.
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