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40 Informative Forums on Community Health and Community Health Nursing

If you want to become a community health nurse, you’re in luck — you can work in government and private agencies, clinics, and other private settings, including online community venues. You can work with individuals, families, groups, community leaders, teachers, … Continue reading

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40 Awesome Android Apps for Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers who want to break the iPhone mold and purchase an Android now have access to plenty of apps that can help pass exams, work efficiently and to use for reference. In fact, entire libraries filled with medical, nursing … Continue reading

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Top 20 Most Influential People In The Nursing Field

This is the 2010 Year of the Nurse, and our list of the top 20 most influential people in the nursing field include two historic figures, a graduate student and others — all influential in their advocacy for patients and … Continue reading

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Top 50 Nursing Jobs Sites Worth Bookmarking

If your career goal is a job in nursing, you may want to check out the job possibilities in a nation where nursing shortages are normal. No matter if you’re just starting in the field, or if you’re going after … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Guide to Health Insurance Theft- A Growing Problem

A hospital in Springfield, Missouri, saw nine instances of identity theft over the past twelve months and states this number is rising. The problem of identity theft is horrific enough; but, when individuals begin to use your identification for health … Continue reading

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25 Easy Ways to Monitor Your Health Between Check-Ups

What do you do between your regular check-ups with your doctor? If you need to monitor blood pressure, stay of top of your diabetes or lower your cholesterol via doctor’s orders, then you have a plan of action. But, what … Continue reading

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Top 50 Blogs to Learn About Medicine

While a professor may not approve of blogs as part of a medical education, sometimes surfing could prove fruitful (and less expensive than medical textbooks). By reading an insider’s blog, for instance, you might learn about what it’s like to … Continue reading

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