Top 50 Medical Device & Gadget Blogs

Technology is developing at a fantastic rate. As a result, we are seeing new devices to help make things easier in the medical field. Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals can make use of these gadgets to help them do their jobs better. Indeed, technology has made it possible for health care professionals to diagnose and treat diseases with greater accuracy and comfort. If you are looking to stay on the cutting edge of medical device technology, here are 50 of the top blogs you can follow:

Medical Devices and Gadgets

These are blogs that are devoted specific to medical devices and gadgets. They offer insights and news into the latest developments and cutting edge “toys.” Great resources for those interested in seeing what’s next.

  1. Health and Medical Device News: Offers information on health devices and the latest developments.
  2. Medical Gadgets: This category comes from a great site from the U.K. that offers information on the latest medical gadgets.
  3. medGadget: This is one of the most well-known sites offering medical gadget information.
  4. Device Talk: All about how gadgets and technology are used in the medicine.
  5. Bob on Medical Device Software: Learn about software development in biomedical engineering.
  6. Qmed: Interesting news and information from this medical device supplier.
  7. Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Bioengineering and the Like: Interesting information on devices used in biotech and medicine.
  8. Vascular Device Forum: An interesting blog focused on specific devices.
  9. Medical Device Daily: Daily news and information about medical devices and gadgets.
  10. Medical Device Blog: News, information and more related to medical devices.

Medical Technology News

If you are interested in general advancement in medical technology, these blogs are great reads. You can get the latest headlines about medical technology that will lead to the next generation of medical gadgets. Also find out more about advances in procedures.

  1. Medical Breakthroughs: Latest news and information on medical developments, including new gadgets.
  2. BreakThrough Digest: Offers information on medical breakthroughs and technology.
  3. Latest Medical Technology: Find out the latest in medical technology.
  4. Latest Medical Breakthroughs: News on the latest happenings in the world of medicine and technology.
  5. Fierce Biotech: The latest news on med tech, and on devices.
  6. Med Tech Sentinel: Innovations in medical technology and devices.
  7. MTB Europe Medical Technology: The latest developments in Europe, including devices and gadgets.
  8. News, information and more related to devices, developing medical technology and more.
  9. MedTech-IQ: One of the best blogs out there for information on medical technology and device development.
  10. Science Daily: Medical Technology News: This section is devoted to news about breakthroughs, devices and gadgets.

Diagnostic Imaging

Some of the most interesting medical devices are those that allow for diagnostic imaging. These devices offer a way for health care professionals to peer inside the body in a way that is minimally invasive. Medical imaging technology can help improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

  1. See images, read device news and see more related to health care and medicine.
  2. Imaging News: Learn more about the latest developments with imaging medical devices.
  3. Medical Imaging Talk: Technology, and how devices can help improve diagnostics.
  4. MITA: Look at the latest in medical imaging news, and the latest device breakthroughs.
  5. Medical Imaging News: Get the latest on developments in medical imaging.
  6. Scan Mans’ Notes: Learn more about the latest happenings in medical imaging, and enjoy some commentary.
  7. Diagnostic Imaging: Keep up with the latest techniques, devices and more.
  8. Aunt Minnie: Shares information on new imaging equipment, techniques and technology.
  9. Imaging Economics: An interesting take on medical imaging devices — news about the business side.
  10. MedImaging: A look at the latest happenings in the world of imaging and medical technology.

Medical IT and Health Informatics

Medical information technology and informatics can help health care professionals make the most out of medical devices. Understanding how to interpret diagnostic information can help encourage better patient care. Plus, many of these blogs offer information on the next generation of medical devices — and how they can be used more effectively.

  1. Mobile Health Computing: Keep up with medical devices, such as computers, and how they can be helpful in medicine.
  2. Healthcare IT Guy: Great information related to medical information technology and gadgets.
  3. Biological Informatics: Learn more about this aspect of medical technology, and how devices can be helpful.
  4. Health Informatics Forum: Information on IT, devices and what’s happening in health care.
  5. Medical Connectivity: Medical information technology, as well as insights into devices.
  6. eHealth: Looks at technology and medicine, and some of the devices that can make it happen.
  7. HealthNex: Looking at what’s next in health technology and what gadgets could make it happen.
  8. Health 2.o: Latest information on technology developments, including devices that can make health care better.
  9. News on technology, devices and other things influencing health care and medicine.
  10. Health Business Blog: News on the business of medical technology, gadgets and health.

Medical Science News

These web sites offer coverage of medical science topics. Some of these are general science sites,, but they offer insights into medicine and the latest technology that can help improve health care. Reports on medical devices are often included.

  1. Scientific breakthroughs, advancements and devices. Includes medical devices and biotechnology advancements.
  2. Genetic Engineering News: Science news site based on genetic engineering and the breakthroughs and devices that make it possible.
  3. ScienceNews: A number of categories can provide you helpful information on technology and device breakthroughs.
  4. LiveScience: Latest scientific news that can help you learn more about medical devices, gadgets and procedures.
  5. ZDNET Healthcare: Technology, devices, gadgets and the latest discoveries in the world of medicine.
  6. Discover: Latest scientific breakthroughs related to medicine and health. Great information on devices and more.
  7. FDA Law Blog: This blog contains information on medical devices, as well as other information related to the Food & Drug Administration.
  8. Scientific American: Offers a section on medical technology that includes news and information on devices and gadgets.
  9. SciCentral: Another great science blog that includes the latest medical gadget news and breakthroughs.
  10. EurekAlert!: Science and technology news, including the latest developments in medical technology and devices.
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