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MSN – Wellness

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If students want to advance in their career as a nurse, one of their best options is to go back to school to get their master of science in nursing (MSN). If students already have a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN), this only adds one to two years of education time to their schedule. Students can also join a bridge program if they only have their associate’s degree to get their master’s degree as quickly as possible. No matter what the current level of education, as a nurse, students should make it their goal to eventually complete a master’s degree program.

One of the reasons why nurses with MSNs get paid more than RNs who just have an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree is that students are able to concentrate on one area of medicine during their studies. Wellness is a very general route to take, and great if students are not sure where they want to work as a nurse.

Courses in an MSN degree program depends on the specific school students choose. All MSN students, regardless of specialize, enter a program in one of four courses — nurse practitioner, clinical nursing specialist, certified nurse anesthetist, or certified nurse midwife. A concentration in wellness prepares students in each of these educational paths.

After students graduate, they have a number of job options in the workforce, as nurses are in high demand across the country. Students qualify for supervisory roles, and can also go into research or nursing education. In some states, nurses can even open their own practice, and going on to get their doctorate degree is also an option available.

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Walden's School of Nursing offers academically rigorous and culturally relevant programs that prepare you to improve the quality of patients' lives, communities, and healthcare institutions.

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Capella's master's degree in nursing gives you access to a wealth of new information and knowledge within the health care system. Their flexible program allows you to achieve your goals and advance your career by earning your msn degree online.

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Earn your dual master's degree in business and nursing, along with specialties in clinical care, education, family nurse practitioner, or nursing leadership at Grand Canyon University's college of nursing and health sciences. Each course can provide you with the skills and techniques you need to become the best in your field.

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Liberty University's School of Nursing prepares students to become nurses who are committed to Christian ethical standards and view nursing as a ministry of caring based on the Patricia Benner's theoretical framework.

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