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MSN – Clinical Nursing

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Clinical nursing is a great field to consider within the medical world if students like working directly with patients. This type of educational program is available as a concentration when students go back to school for a master of science in nursing, or MSN. Getting a MSN in clinical nursing, clinical trials, or any other nursing concentration for that matter, is that best way to qualify for better jobs with higher salaries.

As a clinical nurse, students can work in a number of settings. Hospitals and private practices are most common, and in some states, a master’s degree allows students to open their own practice, so this may also be an option. In any case, students work in a leadership role, making quick decisions that could very well mean the difference between life and death. Courses prepare students with both the knowledge they need to make such decisions and the skills they need to deal with the stress of the job.

Along with diagnosing and treating patients, students may also work in a supervisory position, overseeing other RNs, LPNs, and CNAs. Therefore, the curriculum includes some courses dealing with business administration and management. Students may even have the opportunity to take course involving finance, law, international relations, information technology, ethics, and public relations.

In addition to entering the workforce, one of the options when students graduate with an MSN is to go on to get a doctorate in their field, which gives students even more advanced medical and business training as a nurse.

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