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MSN – Clinical Trials

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If students are interested in research, working as a clinical trial nurse might be a great option for them. In this role, students work with doctors and other researchers to produce and test new drugs and treatment options. The work could be focused in a lab, or students could work hands-on with patients to chart progress and collect statistics. Students could also be involved with marketing efforts and the FDA approval process. Without clinical trial nurses, new options for patients could not be effectively brought to the market.

While students do not need a master of science in nursing to start working as a clinical trial nurse, getting a clinical trials degree, or a clinical nurse degree, means that students qualify for better jobs within the industry, and those better jobs come attached to higher salaries and more rewarding responsibilities. MSN courses prepare students for the unique challenges of working in this research field. Some of the courses students can expect to take include those covering ethics, law, financial management, public relations, and communication.

The curriculum also includes more general courses on patient care, as well as help students learn advanced lab techniques and data reporting. Students may also be offered courses on health informatics, since they are dealing with data and patient records while researching new treatments. Some courses may also focus on marketing and advertising, which are essential skills that students use if they work in preparing new treatments for the general public after they have been tested. The exact topics students cover in your MSN program depend on the school they choose to attend, but all of these colleges prepare students for fast-paced careers in this growing industry.

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