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One of the best things about getting a master of science in nursing, or MSN, is that you have the ability to specialize in one area of medicine. While many nurses choose a type of disease, part of the body, or type of patient on which to focus, you can also choose to focus on nursing education.

As an RN with just an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, you likely don’t qualify for many of the education options open to nurses. You may have been able to teach some community first aid classes or train new employees, but if you want to qualify for higher-paying nursing education jobs, you need at least a master’s degree. An RN to MSN degree program is the best way to get there as fast as possible. Many BSN to MSN degrees in education are also available.

With an RN to MSN program that concentrates on education, you’ll likely spend the first part of your course learning advanced nursing skills. MSN degree holders are allowed to diagnose and treat many minor medical conditions, as well as write prescriptions, so these are important skills to have, even if you only work in a teach capacity upon graduation.

From there, you’ll learn skills like communication, public speaking, curriculum management and development, informatics, public relations, and more. You’ll be prepared to work in a number of settings, teaching new nursing students during their clinical hours, working with the general public, or even teaching at a nursing college. You can also consider going on to get your doctorate in nursing or education to qualify for some of the highest-paying education jobs in the United States.

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