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One of the best ways to advance in any career field is to get a master’s degree. In nursing, RNs who already have their bachelor of science in nursing, or BSN, can enter BSN to MSN (master of science in nursing) programs. For registered nurses without a BSN, there are also many RN to MSN – education options. These degree programs allow students to build on the foundation they already have as an RN so that they can get their advanced degree as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

When students begin a BSN to MSN program, they most often have the chance to choose a specialty. This allows students to focus their education in one area of medicine, better preparing them for a career in the future. One of the options available as an MSN degree candidate is to concentrate in education. There are also separate nursing education and health education options available.

In nursing, education can mean a variety of things. Some nurse educators work with clinical students who are just beginning their careers as RNs, LPNs, or CNAs. Other nurse educators work in the classroom, though many colleges require students to go on to get a doctorate degree if they want to teach in this capacity. Students can also work as a nurse and educator by teaching the general public. Clinics, school programs, birthing-related classes, CPR classes, disease prevention programs, and government departments are among some of the many employers that hire nurses to teach to the general public.

Students can also take part in a field related to education once they have their MSN degree. For example, marketers and writers are needed to come up with promotional material for workplace safety, and those who are strong in strategic planning may help develop new welfare programs aimed at keeping people healthy. Getting a degree in nursing education opens a number of doors.

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