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For many nursing, getting a duel degree is the best educational option. Although students may be in school longer and spend more money on their education, if they have two master’s degrees in areas that work together, they are a strong candidate for very high-level jobs that come attached with high salaries. A master of science in nursing (MSN) and master of business administration (MBA) are two degrees that work well together.

As part of a MSN in leadership (or a related concentration, like health administration or health systems management), students learn advanced level nursing skills to diagnose and treat patients with more serious medical problems. Students also learn how to deal with the specific challenges of being a leader in the medical world. In this industry, laws and ethics are extremely important, and as a nurse, they need to know when to treat a patient themselves and when to request the help of a doctor. In addition, students learn about organizing a team of nurses and nursing assistants, so that their company, practice, or department runs smoothly.

The MBA adds another level of business knowledge to your education. With this degree, students learn more general business skills, such as financial planning, accounting, computer technology, human resources, and communication. When paired with a MSN, a MBA prepares students for opening your own business, becoming a consultant, or being a top-level administrator at a hospital, private practice, non-profit organization, government department, insurance company, research facility, clinic, or other type of healthcare company. While a duel major may be harder work and require students to be in school longer, it really does open a lot of doors after graduation.

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Walden's School of Nursing offers academically rigorous and culturally relevant programs that prepare you to improve the quality of patients' lives, communities, and healthcare institutions.

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Capella's master's degree in nursing gives you access to a wealth of new information and knowledge within the health care system. Their flexible program allows you to achieve your goals and advance your career by earning your msn degree online.

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Earn your dual master's degree in business and nursing, along with specialties in clinical care, education, family nurse practitioner, or nursing leadership at Grand Canyon University's college of nursing and health sciences. Each course can provide you with the skills and techniques you need to become the best in your field.

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Liberty University's School of Nursing prepares students to become nurses who are committed to Christian ethical standards and view nursing as a ministry of caring based on the Patricia Benner's theoretical framework.

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