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MSN – Community Health

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Getting a master’s degree is the fastest route to qualifying for jobs with high levels of responsibility and higher salaries. If students are already a registered nurse (RN), have a master of science in nursing, or MSN, means that they are eligible for supervisory roles in a number of different healthcare settings. When students enter an MSN program, they have the ability to specialize in an area of nursing that most interests them. One of the choices is community health.

A big part of community health is education. Rather than working to educate new nurses, as students would with a teaching degree, a nurse specializing in community health works to educate the general population about health concerns. This could include training volunteers, giving presentations at schools, talking to employers about workplace safety, providing sex education for teens, running clinics in disadvantaged neighborhoods, developing government aid programs, and more.

In addition, community health is focused on disease prevention and containment of infectious conditions. So, an MSN in community health could qualify students for a job in research, emergency care, and more. In any of these roles, a MSN degree means that students can work in a supervisory position, leading a team of other RNs, LPNs, and CNAs to provide the best care and education possible. Your education prepares students to make quick decisions, use logic under pressure, deal with stress, and manage a team efficiently.

Studnets can also go on to get their doctorate, once they have their MSN, which means that they qualify for even higher-level positions in the world of nursing.

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