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MSN – Adult Psych Care

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Many nurses choose to pursue and advanced degree in order to qualify for better jobs with more responsibilities and higher pay rates. Getting a master of science in nursing, or MSN, also gives students the opportunity to specialize in the area of medicine that most interests them. One of the options for specialization is adult psych care.

When working in adult psych care — a subset of adult care nursing — the types of patients students see vary from high-functioning individuals who just need outpatient care to individuals who need 24-hour supervision and advanced therapy. Courses prepare students to work with those suffering from addiction, schizophrenia, depression, mental retardation, paranoia, adult ADHD, and a number of other disorders.

In addition, students prepare for the challenges associated with working with patients in adult psychiatric care. When working as an RN with an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, students are under very close supervision of doctors or nurses with higher degrees, but they are working with a lot more freedom once they have an MSN, which means they need to learn not only diagnosis skills, but also how to restrain agitated patients, administer medications and make sure that patients are actually taking them, alert others if they believe a patient needs to be on suicide watch, and speak with family members who are responsible for the patient.

Once studnets have their MSN, they can also consider opening their own private practice or going on to get their doctorate degree. Both are great options for adult psych care nurses.

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