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Masters in Nursing College Grants

Are you a college student who seeks a master’s degree in nursing? If so, you may feel the financial pressure of paying for that degree. Although most master’s degrees are obtained within two years, those two years can easily put you deep into debt upon graduation.

Similarities Between Grants and Scholarships

The easiest and most efficient way to pay for your master’s in nursing degree is through applications for grants. Grants and scholarships vary little in their requirements and in their origins: you can find both funding methods through national or state government programs, through colleges, and through organizations, groups and associations. And, grants and scholarships have another thing in common: neither funding method needs to be repaid.

Differences Between Grants and Scholarships

Grants differ from scholarships in that once you receive the grant monies, you usually do not need to fulfill any other requirements. The graduate-degree grant process is very similar to that required by undergraduates, as you seek monies for your schooling, discover if you are eligible for the grant, fulfill the application process and wait for approval or denial.

Finding Grants for Nursing School

The AACN (American Association of Colleges of Nursing) provides information about funds earmarked specifically for those who seek an advanced degree in nursing. The HRSA, or Health Resources and Services Administration, also offers information on basic, advanced and nurse faculty programs designed for education. Thousands of other nursing scholarships and grants, ranging from local community-based programs to college nursing scholarships and federal nursing funds, are available to students who seek an advanced nursing degree.

Most graduate students, however, begin with the FAFSA, or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application, which is the same one that you filled out for your undergraduate studies, will help you learn what you need to apply for many other grants and scholarships. Additionally, this application’s result may help you determine exactly how many grants and scholarships you need to complete your college education with little debt upon graduation.

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