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BSN to MSN programs are for students who have their BSN and are practicing RNs who want to advance their skill level and education. This advanced degree provides the opportunity to specialize in a specific field of nursing and potentially promote to a leadership role. Students achieving their BSN are in search to better themselves and their patients with the expertise knowledge a MSN program provides.

How to Get a BSN to MSN Degree

  1. Complete an Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.
  2. Earn a Registered Nurse Certification.
  3. Enroll and complete a BSN to MSN program.
  4. Obtain NP certification and proper licensure (requirements vary by state).

BSN to MSN Program Description

  • Students choose an area of specialty including certified nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse specialist, and nurse practitioner.
  • Program requirements typically combine core classes, classes in a specialty area, and clinical experience. Core classes may include: nurse theory, nurse leadership, and community health.
  • Students must complete all clinical requirements which includes a specified number of clinical rotations at a hospital or medical/health clinic.
  • MSN graduates can pursue more specialized fields such as psychiatric mental health nursing, neonatal nursing.

Salary and Job setting

  • Estimated Salary: $57,967 – $100,087 (determined by place of employment and area of specialty), according to
  • Job Setting: Private practices, outpatient care centers, nursing homes, hospitals (intensive care unit), neonatal unit, internal medicine clinics, ambulatory care, family practice offices.

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