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MSN – Nurse Leadership

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Getting a master of science in nursing (MSN) is the fastest way to qualify for pay raises and better jobs. Another major advantage to getting an advanced degree is that students can specialize in one area of nursing. There are many educational concentrations available, but one of the most versatile is an MSN in nurse leadership.

Like the name implies, and MSN in nurse leadership prepares students for a career in a management position. The focus here is still on clinical work, rather than education or research in most cases. However, students prepare to supervise a large staff of RNs, LPNs, CNAs, volunteers, and other medical caregivers.

This kind of position requires students to think quickly on your feet and be extremely organized in their responsibilities. This is a high-stress job where students often be under pressure, so courses focus on how to deal with that while still making the best medical choices for their patients. In addition, students learn skills such as financial management, ethical reasoning, strategic planning, public relations and communication, business administration, human resource management, and information technology management. The exact courses students take depend on their school of choice, but more programs offer all of these courses and more.

After students graduate, they are eligible for jobs in many different kinds of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, government departments, clinics, research facilities, private practices, women’s centers, and consulting services. Having an MSN also qualifies students to open their own practice, independent of a physician, in many states, so this is also any option. In addition, students can go on to get a doctorate degree in nursing to learn even more about this field. Dual MSN/MBA degrees in leadership are also available.

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