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MSN – Infection Prevention and Control

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Working in infection prevention and control is a great option for strong leaders who want to work in nursing management positions. By getting a master of science in nursing, or MSN, students qualify for a number of advanced positions across the country. This is a great education route to choose if students want to help others and aren’t afraid to manage large groups of people.

Getting a master’s degree is a great way to advance in any field, as students qualify for higher-paying jobs. In the field of infection prevention and control, students also work in positions with higher levels of responsibility. Even in developed countries, there are still outbreaks that could make thousands of people ill if left unchecked. By working in this field, students put themselves at risk, but they also are saving the lives of many other people as they treat those affected by infectious diseases. Similar specializations include health education and community health.

In addition, students can help people learn help to prevent outbreaks in the first place. Many nurses choose to specialize in a certain disease, and they work with physicians, marking professionals, and more to help teach people about the importance of maintaining a health lifestyle. Students could work teaching classes, preparing literature, doing public service announcements, or training other healthcare employees to deal with these diseases.

A MSN gives students the skills they need to identify potential problems, so that they know when to alert their superiors about an infectious disease. Students are able to treat many problems themselves, as an RN with a master’s degree, but knowing when to ask for help is crucial in this field.

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