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BSN to MSN – Informatics

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One reason why nurses with master of science in nursing (MSN) degrees are typically paid more than nurses with bachelor’s degrees is that getting your master’s degree allows you to specialize in one area of medicine. So, not only will you be getting general advanced training in nursing, but you’ll also be focusing on just one part of the field, making you a better candidate for any more. Informatics is one of the recent fast-growing nursing fields that you can consider if you’re ending a BSN to MSN degree program. There are also many RN to MSN degree programs in informatics.

If you already work in health informatics with your bachelor’s degree, than you know how challenging it can be to work in this field amidst the ever-changing regulations and technological advances. New products to make records and data sharing faster and more efficient are hitting the market every day, so as a nurse working in this field, you’ll be responsible for learning about the systems that your facility uses and helping others find the information you need.

As part of your BSN to MSN degree in health informatics, you’ll likely take several courses that touch on subjects of ethics and law. This field requires you to handle data very sensitively, as well as make good choices with patient records to prevent errors or problems in the future. As a health informatics nurse, your MSN will also qualify you for a number of upper-level positions, so you could also take courses on financial management, leadership, organization, human resources, and communication. From there, you can even consider going on to get your doctorate degree in this field, which will open even more career doors.

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